Making of

The electrical drawings, mechanical drawings and transmission are designed with CAD/CAM computers. An engineer uses these computer drawings for static and dynamic loads. Both drawings and calculations are send to the German TÜV After approval the making of the steel construction and the transmission is started.

Carving machinesCarving machinesFor custom designed carousels new scenery or panels are modelled. Artists create these models by hand in foam. Final scenery-panels production is made by using the moulds made from the foam. For standard rides moulds are used which are in stock. The old skilled craftsmen techniques are used for making the wooden parts. Fine imported American bass wood is used to create wonderful creatures. Head, body legs and ears are separate parts. Each part is glued and pressed together. These rough forms are placed in a copy machine, together with the part of the original antique model. Four bodies legs or heads are copied at the same time.

Carving machines60 % of the carving is complete when the machine is finished. Master wood carvers will finish these parts by hand. This provides these animals many enchanting shapes and details. Finally the wood carvers will glue all body parts together., with heat and seawater resistant Würth D4 wood glue.

All scenery panels, wood carved animals and gondola's are hand painted and decorated by artist. A clear P.U. varnish is used to protect these art painting for many years. Small decorations as glass eyes, hand shaped mirrors and horse tails are added to complete the animals.

For decorations of all carrousel hanging poles we use old techniques of twisted brass tubes, giving the ride a most sparkling effect. Tests by TÜV are the final job before the carousel leaves the factory after many months of passionate and dedicated works.

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