About us

Although Wood Design is established in 1988, the manufacturing and restoring of carousels is a business that exists in the Vermolen-Giezen family for already three generations. Galloping carousels, Wave Swings and Family rides are the main products for the long existing European market. Since 1992 though, Wood Design started exporting these nostalgic rides also to other markets as Asia and the U.S.A.
Recently the business has changed into Wood Design Group to emphasize the difference in the creation of the attractions.
The Group consists of two divisions: Wood Design Amusement Rides and Vermolen Rides

The Wood Design Amusement Rides division creates mainly Wave Swings, Merry-go-rounds and Galloping Carousels with wood-carved carousel animals. The Merry-go-rounds are rather unique because of the special and genuine appearance of these wonderful and enchanting rides. The figures are all wood-carved and mostly original copies of antique carousel animals, however new designs are also hand-carved on request. All figures are made of the best quality basswood, which has been dried in drying chambers and glued together by using only seawater and acid resistant glue. All figures are hand-painted by skillful artists. This craftsmanship is used to give pleasure to our carousel customers for several generations. Other old craftsmanship used on our rides are brass twisted tubes made in house and beveled mirrors. Nowadays our customers prefer their animals made out of hand laminated fiberglass, which we also deliver in the best quality.

The Vermolen Rides Division is responsible for the creation of family rides and new developments. Other old craftsmanship used on our rides are ornamental brass-works and beveled mirrors.
The steel construction and electrical parts, as well as the entire rides, are all TÜV proofed, designed and fabricated to explore the ride for several generations. Each attraction is an investment for many years and will easily increase in value over the years.

Wood Design Amusement Rides has extended his selection of carousel animals and gondola's to 150 different figures. A choice out of 140 carousel animals can be made, of which 20 models of horses and 120 models of domestic, jungle or ocean animals and birds. All figures exclusively hand carved in laminated wood or made out of hand laminated fiberglass.

Except for our carousel pieces of art, the Wooddesign Group manufactures a selection of major and family rides such as wave swingers, wave tracks such as caterpillars, boat rides, Ferris Wheels and other family rides.
Since 1999 Wooddesign Amusement Rides has been very successful in the sale of Wave Swingers in different sizes. 12.5m – 10m and 8m diameter.
Custom theming of carousels, wave swingers and other family rides is our specialty.

Quality and good service will be standard for all Wood Design Group products.

Wooddesign Amusement-rides BV P.O. Box 3376, 5203 DJ, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, Telephone: +31 (0)73 657 05 05, E-mail: rides@wooddesign.nl